Hello Community Members 🚀

Today we announce the Amnext Christmas contest 🎄

💫 Xmas Prize = $1,000.00 in $AMC

Contest start: 17 December 16:00 UTC+0

Contest ends: 26 December 16:00 UTC+0

How to participate? 🤔

1 — Join the contest on : https://amnext.io/contest.html

2 — Complete the tasks

3 — Deposit into the AMC Prize Pools for the big Prize’s 👀

How many winners will there be?

10 Winners will be rewarded in AMC

Good Luck !🚀



Hello Everyone 💚

The Amnext Lifetime Lottery is LIVE🚀

You can take your first Lifetime Tickets using the official link:


Be sure to have the necessary $AMC tokens for the registration.

Current AMC price: $0.0014

Registration cost: $20 in $AMC tokens

Approximate cost in $AMC: 14,230.00 AMC

Change your life with Amnext, reach financial freedom with the Lifetime Lottery and its wonderful functionality 💚

Amnext team.




The No Loss Prize pools are now live ✅

DApp link : https://app.amnext.io

Prize pools:

🔹 $AMC pool = Deposit $AMC win $AMC ( Daily )

🔹 $CAKE pool = Deposit $CAKE win $CAKE ( Daily )

🔹 $BNB pool = Deposit $BNB win $BNB ( Weekly )

🔹 $USDT pool = Deposit $USDT win $USDT ( Weekly )

Deposit safely and get tickets valid for the lottery drawings 🔥

Bet on your luck without taking any risk with the Amnext No Loss Prize pools!

Amnext team.




The Amnext No Loss Prize Pools launch is scheduled for:

⏳ 4th August ⏳

Expected Pools:

🔹 $AMC Prize Pool

🔹 $USDT Prize Pool

🔹 $BNB Prize Pool

🔹 $CAKE Prize Pool

Prepare your savings for the most innovative and safe saving method ✅

Earn Passive Income in $AMC and try your luck without any risk 💯

To the Next!

Amnext team.




The next big lottery in DeFi. Power up your savings with the No Loss Prize Pools, Staking Protocol and Lifetime Tickets! https://amnext.io